Sage and Apple Wood Smoked Crown Roast of Pork


February 23, 2017

  • Yields: 14 Serves


1 Weber Firespice Smoking Wood- Apple Wood Chunk

2 9/10 kg 1 x crown roast of pork (14-16 points, approximately 2.9kg)

2 tbsp 2 tablespoons olive oil

4 tbsp Sage chopped

Salt and Pepper


Soak your Apple Wood Chunk for two hours in water.

Set up your kettle for indirect normal fire cooking method. Light your Heat beads either by using the supplied charcoal baskets or a chimney starter.

While the barbecue is heating, prepare the crown roast of pork.

Remove the pork from the fridge and rub the olive oil, sage, salt and pepper all over the pork.

To help prevent the bones from burning, wrap aluminium foil individually around the bones.

Once the coals are ashed over, separate the baskets using tongs. Place drip trays between the two fires- must be large enough to catch all of the drips. Place the cooking grill on the barbecue with the grill handles directly over the fires.

Place the pork roast in the centre of the cooking grill. Ensure all vents are open and place the lid on.

Cook for approximately 2 hours or until done to your liking. Serve the roast with vegetables, or salad of your choice.


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